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Foreskin of Penis swells up

Q: Everytime I finish having sex, the Foreskin of my Penis swells up with a severe burning sensation and it remains that way for atleast two days. I have been having sex for last four years with the same partner, but this started only two months back. I think it started when I used a scented condom (KS) once, though Im not sure if this is the reason. Now this happens everytime irrespective of the fact that I use a condom (Normal - KS) or not. My partner has no problems at all, so it may not be a fungal infection or so. Now to check whether it has anything to do with sex, I tried the similar motion on the organ with my hand, it was noticed that there is pain and little burning sensation, though it did not swell up like while having sex. Kindly advise.

A:On the basis of information available to us i feel it more like an allergic reaction. Condom specific latex allergy has been reported in the literature. I would recommend the following.Do not get inhibited keep up the same frequency of intercourse.Try and change to the kind of condom and go back to the method you were using before this trouble started.Some time certain infections in the female partners rendering vaginal secretions highly acidic could result in this kind of problem and it may not be a bad idea that your partner should be advised to have plain water through douches of the vagina three to four times a day and if possible before the expected time of intercourse.If these measures do not help you should have consultation for you with a urologist and for your partner with a gynecologist


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