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Food in summer

Q: Dear Doctor, Which lassi (made of dahi & water) keeps body cool - Namkeen or meethi? Give some name of eatables which keeps body cool in these peak summer days? In peak summer, should we eat less?

A:Drinking lassi is good in summer. You can have either sweet or salted lassi. It is better to drink salted lassi as the salt in it also helps to replenish the electrolytes lost through sweating. Sweet lassi on the other hand has a little higher calorie content because of sugar in it. You can even alternate your choice.The best way to keep the body cool during summer is to drink lots of fluids such as water, nimbu pani, lassi and fruit juices. Do not rely on coke and pepsi alone for fluid requirements. You should eat foods which are low in calorific value such as foods which are not too fatty or fried. These foods produce more heat during their digestion. The easiest snacks during the summer time are fruits and vegetables. Make a fruit salad with grapes, apple slices and melons, water melons. Cut up crunchy vegetables, like carrots, cucumber, radish, tomato, cabbage etc. Fruits and veggies are packed with powerful nutrients and they help keep you hydrated when temperatures heat up. Cold soup is a treat usually reserved for the summer months. Avoid fried snacks. Try to keep your meals light and do not eat too many times a day. Usually three to four meals pattern is good during summers.


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