Q: Could you explain the following exercise clearly - hams stretching physio and isometric lumbar physio?

A:Hamstring stretching, as the name suggests, is for Hamstring muscle test. Sit with the legs stretched and try to touch your toes. You should be adequately flexible through the mid-back, lower back and hamstrings and shoulders. The greater the distance you are away from touching your toes, the less fit and flexible you are. Well, different physical limitations might produce false impressions. A perfect sit and reach should demonstrate an even symmetrical curve throughout the back and hip.
The term Isometric exercise means tensing a muscle and holding it in a stationary position while maintaining the tension. These exercises are especially helpful to people recovering from injuries that limit range of motion. Isometric lumbar would therefore mean tensing the lumbar muscles (Quadratus Lumborum, Iliocostalis lumborum). Test: Face lying extend lumbar spine until upper part of the thorax is raised from the table. If you suffer from heart disease or high blood pressure, you should not attempt these exercises.


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