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Does vagina get broader over time?

Q: I am 20 years old and have been having sex since sometime now. Maybe its a bit early but anyways I am into it now. My question is, that the hole of the vagina where the penis goes, does the vagina get broader over a period of time? In married couples, after how long does it get too broad? And is it that after that sex is less pleasureable? And at what average number of times should an intercourse be done ideally?

A:There is no thumbs rule for frequency of intercourse. It is all up to your desire. You can have it any number of times in a day or week or month according to your need and that of your partners. As for vagina, it is a stretchable part and usually after delivery it gets broader but the pleasure is related not to the size of vagina. You can still get the same pleasure after delivery as the sensitive organ is not the vagina but the clitoris and the most important thing is the mind. Best for you is not to bother about all this and enjoy. The only thing is that take precautions for pregnancy and HIV. Always force your partner to use condom.


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