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Does the GM diet help in reducing weight?

Q: Does the GM diet actually work? If it manages to reduce weight, does one feel lifeless and dead?

A:The GM diet [photo gallery]and health program was developed for employees and dependents of General Motors, Inc. and was intended for their use. It recommends that during the first seven days you must abstain from all alcohol and that you must drink 10 glasses of water each day. The weekly recommendation is as follows:

  • Day One All fruits except bananas in any quantity you want. It is suggested that you consume lots of melons the first day especially watermelon and a loupe. You are preparing your system for the upcoming programme. Your only source of nutrition is fresh or canned fruits. Fruits are nature’s perfect food. They provide everything you could possibly want to sustain life except total balance and variety.

  • Day Two All vegetables. You are encouraged to eat until you are stuffed with all the raw or cooked vegetables of your choice. There is no limit on the amount or type. For your complex carbohydrate, you can start day two with a large baked potato for breakfast. You may top the potato with one pat of butter. This starts with a fix of complex carbohydrates coupled with an oil dose. This is taken in the morning for energy and balance. The rest of day two consists of vegetables, which are virtually calorie free and provide essential nutrients and fibre.

  • Day Three A mixture of fruits and vegetables of your choice in any amount, any quantity. No bananas. No potatoes because you get your carbohydrates from the fruits. Your system is now prepared to start burning excess pounds. You will still have cravings, which should start to diminish by day four.

  • Day Four Bananas and milk and soup. Today you can eat as many as eight bananas and drink three glasses of milk. The bananas are for the potassium you have lost and the sodium you may have missed the past three days.

  • Day Five You can eat beef and tomatoes. You are allowed two 10 oz. portions of lean beef. Combine this with six whole tomatoes. On day five, water intake must be increased by one quart. This is to cleanse your system of the uric acid. The beef is for iron and proteins, the tomatoes are for digestion and fibre. Lots and lots of water purifies your system.

  • Day Six Beef and vegetables in an unlimited amount providing Iron and proteins from beef, Vitamins and fibre from vegetables.

  • Day Seven Today your food intake will consist of brown rice, fruit juices and all the vegetables you care to consume. These are just highly publicised Western fad diet regimes gaining popularity in India.

But do these diets actually deliver the promised results? None of the prescribed plans actually offered proof of shedding the pounds and, more important, keeping them off. Besides the lack of concrete evidence to back actual weight loss, there is another point: After completing your diet, will you be able to successfully maintain weight loss? Or will you promptly pile on the kilos at lightning speed?

Most fad diets do not make any allowance for maintaining the weight that is lost. And, eventually, most dieters find the diet too monotonous to stick to for the long term. They then resort to bad dietary habits again. Instead of merely yielding short-term results, a correct and healthy diet programme should help you improve your habits, so you can maintain the weight lost.

Instead follow these simple guidelines:
  1. Focus on improving your dietary habits by having all nutrients in moderation.
  2. Make sure you have a balanced diet. This ensures that you get your daily dose of minerals, vitamins, fibre, carbohydrate, protein and fat etc.
  3. Consult a qualified dietician to work out a diet plan tailor-made to suit your lifestyle, body type and health condition.
  4. Exercise regularly.


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