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Does the consumption of tea/coffee affect the sex drive?

Q: I drink 3 to 6 cups of coffee/tea every day and was told that it decreases the sex power. I am 24 years old and have not had sex. I tried once but discharged early and then again I tried. If I see a girl approaching for sex, I get so exited that my face turns red and I discharge. I asked my family doctor who said it is fine and gave me medicine called Apolorazepam.

A:Impaired natural biological function in a young adult is usually caused by anxiety, but other psychologic issues such as guilt or fear of parental disapproval, or perhaps an inadequately discussed relationship outside the family may need to be explored in conversations with a psychologist who can spend the time to investigate any serious psychologic or functional causation that might be resolvable through counseling or behavioural reconditioning. Once more confidence is built up reliance on medications should not be necessary. There is one major concern: some people who lack confidence resort to alcohol and this can lead to dependency. A further serious issue is that some young men try to correct their inadequate performance by training themselves with prostitutes. However, not only can this lead to the inadvertent contracting of severe diseases, but it could lead to further guilt. Yoga practices may provide another option that would be more appropriate in every respect provided the time and effort was put into strengthening the control of the mind over bodily functions.


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