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Does studying in a good medical college make any difference?

Q: I have just taken admission in GMC Nagpur for 1st MBBS. I had done my PMT coaching at Allen Institute, Kota and got AIR 1323 in CBSE AIPMT in my first attempt itself. I hence opted for a seat at GMC Nagpur available at my rank. But during my preparation I had always dreamt of getting a seat in medical colleges of Mumbai and Delhi. But I missed my target by just about 2-3 marks. Today when I am studying at Nagpur, I feel some kind of inferiority complex. I haven't started my studies because I just can't adjust myself because the college is not so good. I think my PMT teachers were much better than the professors here. I am thinking of reappearing for PMT and I am confident that I can get a seat in a college in Mumbai in 2nd attempt. But my parents are not willing to allow me for second attempt. They say it never makes a difference from where you do your MBBS. But I don't agree worth them because I think it does make a lot of difference to your knowledge, your PG preparation, your friend circle, level of thinking and your overall personality. What is better, pursuing MBBS at GMC Nagpur or Mumbai. Does it make any difference?

A:First of all, I congratulate you on getting admission to a good medical college in your first attempt. This is something you should be proud of; not regret. Thousands of students each year are unable to even get admission. There is no doubt that some medical colleges have a better name than others and maybe the teaching there is a little better. Not all fingers of the hand are equal. You might be surprised to know that a large number of colleges across the country may have facilities and teaching that is inferior to the training at Nagpur. Medical college teaching is different from school teaching. Much of it is self-learning with guidance from teachers. In the long run, where you did your under graduation from matters very little. There are several examples of medical luminaries who graduated from lesser known medical colleges; yet excelled in their respective fields. I would advise you to leave all these issues behind you and get on in life. This is only the beginning of a very long journey for you. You have done very well to come this far. There is no reason why, with diligence and perseverance, you will not make it to the top.


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