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Does smoking an already burnt cigarette harm more?

Q: I am 32 years old smoking since nearly 12 years. In the beginning, I used to smoke 6-7 cigarettes in a day, but then increased it to 13 per day. In order to reduce, I used to smoke a single cigarette twice i.e. I put off the cigarette after half and then again. I want to know if this way of putting it off and smoking the same cigarette twice is harmful. I have heard that burnt cigarettes harm more?

A:No, there is not much to support this contention. However, it is true that very often, at a sub-conscious level you tend to inhale harder and get more out of each puff. Smoking is never reduced, it is only stopped. I suggest you choose a quit date and mark it on your calendar. Announce to the world that you are quitting from that day. Plan what all you would do with the money and time saved. Until that day, keep your cigarette and match box separately and preferably in different rooms. Whenever, you feel the urge, take time out and tell yourself that you will not smoke for another 30 or 45 minutes. You may also be helped by a medicine like bupropion. It however needs to be taken under advice from a doctor only.


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