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Does Rh incompatibility of parents lead to any problems?

Q: My sister's blood group is B -ve and her husband's is AB +ve. A few months back they started their married life. She has conceived (second month running) but according to her doctor she has some complications because of the difference in the blood group. For this she has to go for some medications. What should be done? She is 26 years old.

A:The Gynaecologist is correct. Treatment is required to avoid a reaction in the mother and the foetus which can be caused by a disparity in the Rh factor. This disparity used to be a serious problem but now there is treatment for it and it should not be a cause for worry. The reaction usually takes place in the 2nd pregnancy but in some cases it could even be in the first. During the mothers pregnancy a Coomb's test needs to be done and if the Indirect Coomb's test is negative she does not need any treatment. The baby could need Anti-D within the first 72 hrs. of birth. The best people to advise on this would be the attending Gyne-Obstetrician and Paediatrician with whom your sister should stay in close touch.


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