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Does one feel giddy after donating blood?

Q: I am a 32 years male. My height is 169 cm and weight is 75 kg. I donated blood last week for the first time. After donating, within few minutes of standing up I started feeling giddy. After a while I became normal. My blood group is O positive. I don't have blood sugar. The doctor said my BP is normal but it is near the higher side. Is this normal? What causes giddiness while giving blood? Someone said it will become a problem in future. Is it so?

A:When we donate blood there is a mild reduction in the circulating blood volume. In some people this may result in a mild fall in the blood pressure that may manifest as giddiness, palpitation, sweating etc. This is nothing to be concerned about. In future, prior to giving blood, take a glass of fruit juice (or even 2 glasses of water). Your giving blood is perhaps the greatest gift you can make to anyone and do continue with it.


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