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Does my wife have vaginitis?

Q: During sex with my wife, I get itching on my penis foreskin and when I rub it, it turns into a wound. We have gone through various tests like DTD-HIV-etc. and the results are all negative. The doctor gave me Fluconazole capsules and advised to give the same to my wife also. He also gave me a skin cream to put on the foreskin. The treatment finished and I was fine. But again the same problem has appeared and I notice that during sex my wife gives out some smelly white fluid in large quantity. This has given me the same itching problem. Please advise what kind of treatment has to be given to my wife and me?

A:Your wife could be suffering from Vaginitis. It is an inflammation of the vaginal surface usually caused by a Candida (a yeast), Trichomonas (a protozoan) or Gardnerella (a bacterium). A woman with this condition may have itching or burning and may notice a discharge. Treatment may include Sitz baths and instruction regarding proper toilet and hygiene techniques. Treatment taken should be after a visit to a Gynaecologist can include the use of Anti-fungal agents, antibiotics (eg metronidazole) etc. Treatment of sexual partners of patients (in this case you) is essential.


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