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Does my mother need physiotherapy?

Q: My mother has pain in her knees for the last 2 years. In the beginning, our family doctor told that it was Sciatica as her pain was starting from the waist and moved towards the legs. But drugs like Shalaki did not work. After that she was referred to an Orthopaedic surgeon. They asked her to get Arthroscopy done. But the reports from the study of that tissue and synovial fluid claimed it to be nonspecific synovitis. So from that time the doctors prescribed her to take Torrox 25 mg. She gets pain as the winters start or when the knee gets some strain. Sometimes this pain extends up to her elbow also. Will this lead to rheumatoid arthritis? Could you also please suggest any drug or any sort of physiotherapy which may help her?

A:Your mother would benefit from physiotherapy. I would advise the following: 1. 10 sittings of short wave diathermy. 2. Strengthening exercises for knee which she will have to continue life long. 3. Knee cap/knee brace depending upon her physical examination. 4. Ask her to avoid activities in which she has to sit on the ground, like puja, etc. 5. To use western toilet to avoid squatting. Wishing her a speedy recovery.


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