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Does my daughter need to be treated for scoliosis?

Q: My 12 years old daughter has been diagnosed with Scoliosis. The MRI results were normal. The doctors say that nothing needs to be done at present. We are extremely worried. Are there any exercises, Ayurvedic or any other Indian medicines which can help? I would appreciate if you could please address my worries. Kindly suggest some sources which give more information on this problem?

A:I am assuming we are discussing idiopathic (no cause) scoliosis. The question is what was the magnitude of the curve and in which part of spine is it present? Any intervention would roughly be when the curve is around 20 degrees plus, when a suitable brace/orthosis may be prescribed to stop progression of the curve. Any curve which is 40 degrees and above may require surgery. Progression of curve in females occurs maximum just before menarche. Hence, if your daughter has started menses, one expects decreased rate of progression of scoliosis. No exercises are useful, I am afraid.


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