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Does my aunt have urine infection?

Q: My 50 years old aunt had done a urine test which showed - albumin 1+, pus cells present - 250 and RBC – 10. Her blood pressure is normal but she has high WBC count. She is taking Cerom 500, Cyclopam and Alkin syrup. Please advise.

A:She may have a urinary tract infection. 10 RBC in the urine is not normal. This is a condition called microscopic hematuria. This could be because of infection, kidney stones or sometimes cancer that needs to be ruled out. If the blood disappears after treatment with antibiotics for the infection, there is no need for further workup. If the blood (RBC) persists in urine, she will need a CT scan and cystoscopy to rule out other causes. She needs to check with a urologist for this.


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