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Does laser help get rid of unwanted white hair on the face?

Q: My wife, 46 years old, is having some hair growth on her chin, cheeks and upper lips since 15 years. We have tried all medicines. Recently, I came to know from a doctor that for permanent removal hair growth laser treatment is the best method. As per our doctor's advise we went to a clinic with a fully qualified doctor at Mangalore. He started giving laser treatment for hair removal since last month. But the Doctor told us that her white hair growth will continue. The laser treatment is for the black hair only. Kindly suggest some remedy to get rid of unwanted white hair growth on the cheeks and the chin?

A:The doctor is correct, for Lasers are selective for the black colour, and work only on black hair. You may use hair removing creams, like Anne French for the white hair, or try removal by electrolysis, or do waxing, plucking or threading.


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