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Does irritation in urinary bladder indicate gonorrhoea?

Q: I am a 24 years old boy and indulge excessively in masturbation. I am also physically involved with a girl for the last one year. From the last 8 months, I have been feeling irritation in my urinary passage while urinating and have a feeling that there is some blockage in my urinary bladder. Also, I have small white coloured pimples on the forehead of my penis. I always feel weak and tired. Do these symptoms indicate gonorrhoea? What should I do?

A:Sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhoea occur with acute symptoms, and do not persist for months together as in your case. Since you also complain of obstructive symptoms, one needs to exclude any urethral narrowing, as well as examine you before advising anything. You must seek opinion from a urologist in your city for further advice.


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