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Does gargling with Gingelly oil help cure diseases?

Q: I recently read that gargling with Gingelly oil for about 15-20 minutes helps the body function better. Various experiences were stated (from readers) saying that they got cured from headache, neck pain, glaucoma etc. after following the procedure. Is this true? If so what is its effect?

A:Several drugs are well absorbed from the mouth, such as nitroglycerine. It is possible that gargling can result in good absorption of a whole range of different drugs or herbal extracts, but this has not been studied and any research would be difficult because of the variables. Maybe one could rely on general experience - thus, does food get absorbed if gargled and not swallowed? Sugar may, but it is not known, and this is an interesting question that would merit a good study. As for the benefits of various herbs that are supposed to cure a miraculous range of diseases, then it is far more likely that the herb helps none of them. Gingelly is like ginger, which 'cures' no disease as evidenced by available reliable studies.


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