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Does fall in platelets and WBC indicate weak immune system?

Q: I am a 30 years old male whose complete blood counts (CBC) has fallen for the last three months. The platelets fell from around 2,40,000 to 1,60,000, white blood cell (WBC) fell from 7500 to around 5500. On the other hand RBC, haemoglobin and lymphocytes has increased. Does fall in platelets and WBC indicate a weak immune system?

A:Most of the parameters of a CBC (Complete Blood Counts) are variable, during the time of day, between different days, lab to lab, machine to machine etc. So if one gets his / her CBC done in the morning and gets a repeat done by evening, even in the same lab and with the same machine, there will still be a change. However, generally there is a defined limit to which these changes are acceptable.

Coming to your case, while there is a definite decrease in the platelet count, one has to remember that this is over 3 months and the count still is within the normal ref interval. Again, you have not mentioned about your health status during the 3 month period. Did you ever have cold / cough / fever? Did you take any medication like asprin / paracetamol etc. that could affect the platelet count etc.

On the face of it there seems to be nothing alarming. However, a thorough check up with a haematologist would help you to keep any issues that may be in your mind, at bay.


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