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Does endoscopic laser surgery help cure backache?

Q: I am 59 years old and have severe back pain for the last 18 years. I underwent various treatments like traction, physiotherapy, yoga, ayurveda, homeopathy, etc. but in vain. I can't sit for a long time and the pain is unbearable. I am not taking any treatment now but suffer silently. The doctors have told me that operation will not help me as it is a problem of wear and tear. However, somebody suggested that endoscopic laser surgery may cure my problem. Please advise me if this will help and recommend some good hospitals and doctors in Bangalore or elsewhere who can do this operation.

A:My opinion is based on the information you have provided in the e-mail. From the long history, it sounds like you have a mechanical back pain, which is usually due to wear and tear in the spine. I, however, would require more information in terms of pain killer requirement, x-rays, MRI and some basic blood test results to advice you any further. I personally am not aware of endoscopic laser surgery being used for treating mechanical back pain. If you have not had the above investigations for your back; may I suggest you undergo these first. Based on the results of these investigations; a treatment plan can be formulated. I must, however, paint a realistic picture here and bearing in mind that you have had a long history of back pain, it is unlikely that you will find a quick fix for this problem. Hope this is helpful but if you have any additional queries or want to write to me with the results of the investigations, please don't hesitate.


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