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Does Eltroxin taken for hypothyroidism lead to any side effects?

Q: I have been taking 0.5-1.5 tablets of Eltroxin since 4 years for disturbed levels of TSH. My TSH level fluctuates between the upper and lower extremes (i.e. beyond the prescribed limits of 0.5-5.5). Accordingly, I experience tiredness, increased bowel movements and higher temperature, forgetfulness etc. Kindly clarify the following few points and oblige: a) Does taking Eltroxin for longer periods pose any mild to severe side-effects? b) Should I avoid consumption of both fried and fatty substances, including meat, chicken and fish etc? c) Is there some kind of nervousness associated with malfunctioning TSH?

A:1. If the use of Eltroxin is precise that is if it is used in the right requirement, neither less nor more then there cant be any side effects. If used more than required it can lead to feature of thyrotoxicosis ie. like overfunctioning thyroid glands. Thyroid hormones need to be checked, even in stable cases, twice a year and certainly once a year. 2. Excessive use of fried and fatty things is bad for anyone not necessarily for hypothyroid or hyperthyroid patient. Non veg food can be taken within limits and effort can be made to use less oil. 3. Nervousness can be caused by excess of thyroid hormones, matbe the dose is in excess. If thyroid hormones are normal, then some other causes can be responsible should be looked into.


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