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Does circumcision interfere with friction during intercourse?

Q: It is said that friction in intercourse gives pleasure to the woman. Circumcised penis when erects, the skin becomes so tight that the head of the penis remains outside resulting in full friction during intercourse. While in uncircumcised penis, even in erect position the skin is so loose that the head of penis moves inside the foreskin, resulting in very less friction. Is it true? If yes, then do women feel the difference? Is there any survey or data from women who have experienced two types of men?

A:Foreskin is expected to get retracted on erect penis, enough to expose the glans-penis. This may either happen on its own on full erection or one may have to do it manually. Both ways it is normal and fine. If the retraction of foreskin is not possible, one may require ‘circumcision’. In normal uncircumcised men, on full erection, the glans penis gets fully exposed as foreskin gets completely retracted. This allows him to enjoy sexual stimulation during intercourse. Women enjoy intercourse due to stimulation/friction of sensitive portions of her vulva mainly by the erect shaft of the penis. The most sensitive portions of female vulva to sexual pleasure are outer 1/3rd of vagina, clitoris and labia minora. During intercourse, the glans penis (circumcised or uncircumcised) reaches to the innermost part of female vagina, almost touching her cervix. This innermost portion of vagina is NOT sensitive to sexual stimulation. Thus, it is not the glans penis but the shaft of the erect penis that provides necessary stimulation (rubbing action) to sensitive portions of vulva. In that case it does not matter whether the man is circumcised or uncircumcised for a woman to enjoy sexual intercourse.


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