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Does a transformer emit any harmful radiations?

Q: My colleague is about to purchase a flat in Chennai. When I went to see the site I found that the transformer is just 7 ft away from the children's bedroom window. The flat promoter has proposed to install two grills on the window with a distance of 2 feet between each of the grill, so that no one can get near the transformer. But I would like to know whether its safe and would not have any harmful radiation effect?

A:Transformers generate electrical and magnetic fields around them. These drop off rapidly as one moves away from the transformer. Electrical fields are limited and safe. Recent interest and research have focused on the potential health effects of magnetic fields. Some epidemiological studies have suggested that a link may exist between exposure to these fields and certain types of cancer, primarily leukaemia and brain cancer. Other studies have found no such link. Laboratory researchers are studying how such an association is biologically possible. At this point, there is no scientific consensus about this issue, except a general agreement that there is a cause for concern and that more information is needed. An international research effort is underway, and major study results are expected in the next few years. Meanwhile, it would be prudent to avoid such a location for a home.


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