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Do you think I may have contracted HIV or STD?

Q: I am 36 years old. Recently, I had protected sex with a prostitute. I had used two condoms. I didn't ejaculate. Then she removed the wet condoms from the penis and then with the same hand she started masturbating me. I am worried now about the amount of risk I am at for HIV infection? Since I didn't ejaculate, I don't know if the condom had torn. It is possible that her vaginal liquids could have entered through it. How will I come to know about it? I have developed some white coloured spots underneath the penis, not on top. They are very small & painless. I showed it to a doctor, who said it is not STI. It is some fungal infection. He gave some medicines 3 days back and it has started improving. If there are any symptoms of STD/HIV, what is the minimum time I must wait?

A:Sex involves contact with body’s various parts and secretions - oral, genital and anal. Condom only gives protection to the penis (the portion covered by condom); the base and root of the penis are still exposed. If you don't dispose of the condom properly, then you are also exposed to vaginal secretions indirectly through hands. After putting the knot on the condom at the end of sexual intercourse and disposing off the condom, you should wash your hands and even genitalia; especially the root of the penis and scrotum before you use hands to touch anywhere. That is why safe sex is promoted either as abstinence (no sex at all), sex with a mutually faithful partner (which comes from marriage to one person) or in dire situations, to use condoms. Here, I would like to tell you that condoms do give protection, but not 100%. Probably full body condom (which is not manufactured) is required, and then you will not enjoy the sex. Coming in contact with vaginal secretions is a risk factor for acquisition of HIV as well as STDs. The risk of manifesting bacterial STDs at 3 weeks following contact may be low but for viral STDs and invisible STDs is still there. You need to be checked for STDs at 3 months and 6 months following contact, for this episode, provided you avoid further contacts. VDRL test and HIV antibodies test need to be ordered. For further queries, please consult a good dermato-venereologist.


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