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Do whey protein supplements help in fat loss?

Q: I have been exercising everyday for an hour (aerobics, weights and cardio on alternate days). I am 5 kg away from my ideal weight. However, I find it difficult to lose them. I recently read a lot of articles related to whey protein supplements, which help in fat loss. Can you send me a list of whey protein isolate brands available in the Indian market? Do you recommend them for fat loss? I have a normal meal pattern but avoid carbohydrates, sugar and oil and in process probably lose out on my protein intake.

A:Whey proteins are a good source of amino acids and aid in improving the body’s immune system by acting as an antioxidant. Whey protein supplements are becoming extremely popular among bodybuilders, as they assist in muscle building. It is packed with loads of essential and non-essential amino acids and the best part about it is that it contains very low fat content. Whey proteins go a long way in enhancing endurance and thus have become an integral part of the athlete and bodybuilders diet. The powdered whey protein supplements that are available in the market are flavoured and when mixed with water or milk can be consumed in the form of shake. Whey protein will not help in fat loss per se. It may benefit individuals striving to achieve or maintain a healthy weight by supporting satiety, reducing caloric intake, and boosting lean body mass. I personally do not recommend them so I will not be able to provide you with brand names. I strongly advise you to exercise caution if you decide to proceed with supplementation. To push your last five kilos away, bring your cardio down to 45 minutes of interval training for three weeks, and split your weight training routine.


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