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Do lymph nodes mean primary complex?

Q: My daughter, who is 7.5 years old, has very frequent bouts of respiratory tract infection associated with fever. She has a poor appetite and doesn't seem to be gaining weight. During winters, these infections are even worse and would last for a week, or sometimes even a couple of weeks, though she has never been noticed to throw out phlegm while coughing. She was taken to a family friend who happens to be a homoeopath and he, after noticing some enlarged lymph nodes around her neck, declared her to be suffering from primary complex. Does she have a primary complex? What is the ultimate and fool proof diagnosis of the same?

A:Enlarged lymph nodes around the neck are frequently seen in children with respiratory infections. Tuberculous lymphadenitis has particular appearance, which a trained doctor of modern medicine can feel. I suggest that you should show her to a paediatrician. Some children do have tendency to get frequent respiratory infections but they grow out of it by the age of 10 years. Nonetheless, you should seek an opinion of a paediatrician.


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