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Do I need treatment for tuberculosis of the uterus?

Q: I am 32 years old and have a 5 years old daughter. Mine is a case of secondary infertility. The doctor advised me to undergo a test called PCR for M. Tuberculosis to find out the cause. Some skin pieces were obtained from my uterus as a sample for the test. Result of the test is positive. I generally suffer from allergic cough during the onset of winters. What does the positive result indicate? Am I suffering from TB? Can I conceive? What is the treatment for this? Is it curable?

A:A positive PCR test for M. Tuberculosis indicates that you are suffering from tuberculosis (TB) of the endometrium (uterus). The histopathology would also have been done. If pathology shows no evidence of TB, then usually it is an early case. The result of treatment in such cases is good, and women do get pregnant after treatment (provided all other factors for infertility have been ruled out). If the pathology report shows evidence of TB, then the case is usually advanced. One would definitely need drug treatment, but chances of conceiving are slim in the advanced cases. Following treatment(minimum of 6 months), if the repeat PCR is negative and pathology has reverted to normal, then the gynaecologist performs a hysteroscopy (endoscopy of uterus) and HSG (special X-Ray test for patency of fallopian tubes) and laparoscopy. Depending upon the results of these tests, one can get a fair idea of prognosis for conception. These days, assisted reproductive techniques are also available. But don't forget, one can always adopt a baby, which gives a woman tremendous satisfaction and fulfilment besides giving a home for a needy child. Deal one thing at one time. Treatment is essential first.


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