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Do I need to use an inhaler?

Q: I am a 34 years old male. I am suffering from occasional breathing problem for 20 years. This happens once or twice a year. I am treated with an antibiotic, broncho-dilator, mucolytic and syrup. Do you think I should use an inhaler? If yes, which one?

A:Seasonal asthma may also be induced by exercise. Treatment with a short course of bronchodilators should be followed by weaning off all the drugs and starting with all at the start of a severe exacerbation. To stop progression of an episode, use a small dose of broncho-dilator. Mild asthma exacerbations can be treated with a small increase in bronchodilator, if this does not occur more than once or twice a day, but good judgement is needed if this is insufficient. It is better to treat an attack or a problem that occurs with a cold by starting treatment early in the illness and again wean off to a low dose regimen of bronchodilator as needed.


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