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Do I need to take drugs lifelong for hypothyroidism?

Q: I am 25 years old and suffering from hypothyroidism. Six months back, my reports showed TSH: 17.38, T3: 122, T4: 4.3 and prolactin: 23.83. I took Thyroxine for three months and TSH was reduced to 6.97. Then after one month, I stopped Thyroxine for two months. Now my TSH is exceptionally high, 28.5. I am very disturbed due to this. I want to know if there is a permanent cure for hypothyroidism or I would need to have the medicine throughout my life. Is there any special diet to cure it?


  • Most patients with hypothyroidism require lifelong treatment, but the dose of Thyroxine may need to be adjusted. It is important to determine the optimal dose of Thyroxine and to stick to that dose; the dose should be adjusted in consultation with a Doctor. Over-replacement can cause mild hyperthyroidism. If a patient feels tired or gains weight, he or she should talk with his or her provider about repeat thyroid testing and the other possible causes for these symptoms.
  • There is no added advantage of yoga or diet. In India, salts we take have been iodised and you do not need to worry about the diet.


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