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Do I need surgery for ACL insufficiency?

Q: I met with an accident 3 months ago. I have pain on my right knee. As per the advice of the doctor I took a MRI scan. After my scan report, the doctor advised that I may have to go for arthroscopy, or else I have to exercise. The MRI scan report said - Chronic Grade III proximal ACL tear with evidence of ACL insufficiency; Grade II - III MCL tear and Grade II LCL injury; Joint effusion; Bone injuries at the femoral condly-patellar sulcus and postero-lateral tibial plateau. Should I go for surgery?

A:You would need surgery if you want to participate in sports or you want to be active. If you can modify your activities and do therapy, you may get away without surgery. Since you are so young, I think surgery would help you. Surgery is required only for ACL insufficiency. MCL usually heals without surgery and the decision about LCL can be made at the time of ACL surgery if there are any doubts regarding its necessity to be repaired/ reconstructed.


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