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Do I need surgery for a supracondyle fracture in the leg?

Q: I had a supracondyle fracture in my leg 2 years back. OIRF was done with external fixtature. I am unable to lead a normal life. Doctors say that ligaments were also damaged during the accident and need surgery. I face the problem of limping, I can't stand for more than 30 minutes, I walk with the support of a knee belt. Can surgery give me a new life?

A:A clinical assessment of your joints and muscles is important to give you the exact advice. The three problems listed by you can be still managed by good vigorous physiotherapy. I suggest, you try the following regime under supervision for at least a month and that will give you a fair idea of your recovery and the need for surgery. I feel 2-3 months of good physiotherapy should see you through. 1. Electrical stimulation for weak muscles. 2. Stretching exercises for tight muscles. 3. Strengthening exercises for hip, knee and ankle. 4. Mobility exercises for hip, knee and ankle. 5. TENS with exercises to reduce the pain. 6. Cycling. 7. Swimming if possible 8. Balancing, weight transfers and coordination exercises. 9. Gait training. 10. Stair climbing and slope walking. Surgery would definitely help but a conservative approach is worth a try.


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