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Do I need physiotherapy for elbow dislocation?

Q: I am 30 years old. My left elbow dislocated 2 months back when I fell down. The doctor corrected this at the hospital and plastered my elbow for a month. After that it took 15-20 days to recover. Now, I feel pain while lifting heavy weight, although I avoid it as much possible. What physiotherapy should I do for full recovery. Normally, I don't have any pain or any other problems.

A:After a dislocation of the elbow it is very difficult to predict how much time it will take to return to normalcy. You are lucky that your elbow has become mobile in such a short time. You need to continue range of movement of exercises till such time your muscle strength returns to normal. While doing exercises, do not use too much of force. Frequency of the range of movement is more important than force of range of movement. If you can have access to physiotherapy unit it is better to supervise exercise for about two weeks and then continue on your own. You need to do flexion extension exercises of the elbow (maximum bending and straightening exercises of elbow) and pronation and supination exercises of the elbow (in, which the forearm is rotated in and out).


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