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Do I have spondylolisthesis or spondylosis?

Q: This is the CT scan report taken in the year 2000. I would like to know whether I have spondylolisthesis or spondylosis? What is the remedy? CT scan of lumbosacral spine: Serial axial sections of the lumbo-sacral spine were studied. There is spina bifida L5 AND S1 vertebrae with break in pars interarticularis of L5 over S1. There is spondylolisthesis of L5 over S1. The lamina of L5 on both sides are hypoplastic. Rest of the lumbar vertebrae are normal. Neural arch elements are normal. The spinal canal and its contents appear normal. The spinal canal and its contents appear normal. No mass lesion is seen. The discs between L1-L5 vertebrae appear well preserved. No abnormal paravertebral soft tissues densities are seen. Impressions: Spondylolisthesis of L5 over S1 with spondylolysis of pars interarticularis bilaterally. Spina bifida L5 and S1 vertebra.

A:You may be aware that the lower back has five units termed the lumbar vertebrae. The lowest of these, numbered L5 (lumbar five) rests on a block of bone called the sacrum. The report shows that the L5 vertebra has slipped forward on the sacrum. It also shows that the ring of the L5 vertebra is partially deficient along its rear - medically termed SPONDYLOLYSIS. (Lysis suggests loss of, or deficiency of) You do not have spondylosis - by which term is implied degenerative disease of the vertebrae and the intervertebral discs. As regards treatment, much will depend on your symptoms and the findings elicited by your physician. If the symptoms be mild and there be no neurological signs, exercises and other simple forms of treatment may suffice.


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