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Do I have rectal prolapse or piles?

Q: I am a 25 years old male. I experience protrusion from my anus while passing stools. Sometimes, it goes inside itself, but sometimes it ceases to go inside and I have to push it inside manually. Is it normal or am I suffering from any disease?

A:There are two things that may protrude from the anus during passing stools: piles and "prolapse of the rectum" Piles that need to be pushed back inside the anus with the hand are called third degree piles. Third degree piles can become complicated; therefore you must undergo an operation. The operation for piles is called hemorrhoidectomy. The piles may be removed by cutting them, or with a stapler. The stapler method is expensive, but causes less discomfort. A prolapse of the rectum is a condition in which the rectum actually falls out with the stools. This may also get complicated, and therefore should also be operated on. Third degree piles are commoner than prolapse of the rectum, but, either way, you need surgery.


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