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Do I have any abnormality in my testes?

Q: I am 29 years old, married since 3 years. I have a report of clinical biochemistry: testosterone serum - 209.59 ng/dl (normal range 241-827), follicle stimulating hormone - 21.07 mIu/ml (normal range 0.9-15). Please suggest me whether or not I will be able to father a child? I used to masturbate a lot before marriage. Is the problem because of that?

A:Your reports indicate testicular failure, which means that your testes are not functioning properly. This could have happened as a result of infection, injury or other causes. Your ability to father a child depends on your sperm count/analysis. If there is no viable sperm, then you will have to go for measures like artificial insemination from donor or adoption. Masturbation has nothing to do with all this.


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