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Do I have a sexually transmitted disease?

Q: I have a skin infection on my upper thighs. There are blisters (non watery) which do not hurt or itch. The old ones subside and new ones keep appearing. This has been happening for the last 10 months. Is it some kind of a fungal or viral infection? Even after I get them removed through a skin specialist, they re-appear. This happened sometime after I had sex with my boyfriend and the doctors say that it is because of that. But I don't understand how are the two related? I am 21 years old.

A:You probably have molluscum contagiosum. Spontaneous resolution occurs in very few cases. In the vast majority they have to be removed and the base cauterised. Mere extraction is not enough. New lesions are likely to appear later from normal looking skin where the virus has seeded itself from the mother lesion.


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