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Do I have a low sperm count?

Q: I am a 33 years old male, got married last year. I have undergone semen analysis test twice from different labs. Sperm concentration as per the first test report is 10 million and as per the second report done after three months is 15 million. Is my sperm count really low? Where should I get myself treated?

A:WHO criteria describes that one requires 20 million good sperms to be normally fertile. You obviously have a sperm count lower than expected in a normal fertile male. Good sperms means sperms with normal morphology (looks) and motility, other important seminal parameters we do not know in your case. Causes of poor sperm count could be lack of germ cells due to some reversible or irreversible damage, a defective formation process in the testis, or damage during tranportation process. Each etiologic factor needs different management, and will have different prognosis. You would need proper physical examination and investigations to find out the root cause of your problem. A Urologist or Endocrinologist specialising in field of infertility would be the right person for you.


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