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Do I have a lifelogn thyroid problem?

Q: I am 26 years old and have a thyroid problem. Last month I got a thyroid test done in which T3 and T4 were normal but thyroid ultrasensitive was above average (something 65000 when it should have been 55000 normally). I am on medication for the same but I am not having my periods regularly and there is hair fall too. Do I have to take medicines forever? Will I have trouble conceiving? Can exercises help? What food restrictions do I need to follow? Can I check for thyroid at home myself?

A:Your query pertains to subclinical hypothyroidism leading on to menstrual abnormality. You have subclinical (minimal) hypothyroidism. In normal course we do not treat this condition but patients having period problems, infertility or large thyroid gland can be treated with small dose of thyroxine and can benefit. You should take Thyronorm/Eltroxine 25 microgram daily early morning and get TSH after 6 weeks and if normal you should continue same dose but if still high then increase the dose to 50 per day. To know the cause of this illness I suggest you to get Anti-TPO done. Answers to specific queries are as follows:

  1. In this case you may not need medications for life long as TSH is marginally raised but if Anti-TPO test is strongly positive then you might need it even for life long. Only time will tell.
  2. With treatment getting pregnant is not a problem.
  3. Exercise does not cause thyroid illness.
  4. No need to go for any specific diet. Iodised salt is important; rest you can eat any thing you feel like.
  5. There are no self examination techniques for hypothyroidism like we have for breast examination.


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