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Do I have a hormonal problem?

Q: I am 18 years old and my chest size is 94 cm in normal condition and 98 cm when inflated. My chest seems to be bigger than my other friends. I have read about enlarged breasts in males. Am I suffering from that? I also have less hair on my chest. For this I am doing Yoga. Do you think there is a hormonal disorder in my body? Most film heroes have a very rigid and hard chest. Do you think I can get one? What should be my correct body mass? My friends suggest me to go to a gym. Should I go?

A:There is enormous variation in the shape and size of an individual's body. Seeing the bodies of models one feels that there is something wrong with our bodies and gives many an inferiority complex. Based on your description I cannot give you an opinion whether you have an imbalance in your hormones. Please remember that the breasts of many teens tend to become big and then become smaller. This is called physiologic gynecomastia. The hair on your chest is probably normal. I would suggest that you see a physician and once that doctor makes an assessment that there is no hormone imbalance you should stop worrying about your body's appearance. I did calculate your body mass index (BMI). It is 20.5 suggesting that you are within the normal weight range but at the lower limit. Exercise is always a good thing but the kind you do should be determined by you and not your friends. Whatever exercise gives you pleasure, that is what you should do. If you decide to do body building, please do not have unreal expectations.


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