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Diet for obesity

Q: I am 37 years old, 173 cms and weigh 93 Kgs. Obviously, I am overweight and have had recent problems like gout due to my lifestyle. This has led me to control my diet and drinking (beer-I don't take other drink). I exercise a bit also every morning. The problem is that if I control my diet, I suffer from gastric discomfort and feel uncomfortable. I also feel depressed if I can't eat good food. Can you suggest a good menu where the calorific value is low without compromising on quality and taste? Thank You.

A:Dear User, You really don't have to compromise on quality and taste if you are looking for a low calorie meal plan. Your weight reducing diet can be as good as a regular diet or may be even better and appealing. All you need to watch for is excess fat and calories. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Try recipes which satisfy your taste. Fish and chicken are better options than mutton, pork, beef or any other red meat. If you feel gastric problem, do not skip meals. Eat a small snack and drink plenty water and other fluids. It is always good to control your beer and alcohol while you are trying to lose weight. Morning: 1 cup tea OR coffee; Breakfast: 1 glass milk OR 1 cup tea, 2 slices toast OR sandwich with vegetables such as cucumber, tomato, cabbage, paneer, green chutney etc. (avoid butter, cheese or sandwich dressing) OR 1 stuffed chapati (any vegetable except potato), 1 fruit (avoid banana, cheeku, grapes and mango)Lunch: 2 chapatis, 1 katori daal OR paneer, 1 katori sabzi (any seasonal vegetable), 1 katori curd OR raita (avoid potato and sweet raitas), salad; Evening tea: 1 cup tea OR coffee, 2 Marie biscuits OR fruit chat OR sprouts chat; Dinner: 1 chapati, 1/2 katori rice (boiled), 1 katori daal, 1 katori sabzi, salad. Here are some dietary guidelines that will help you to lose weight and select food for your diet plan: -Include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables as salad in your diet. -Don't skip any meal. -Your dinner should be lighter than your lunch. -Avoid fatty and fried foods such as pakoras, puris, paranthas, samosas, cutlets, etc. -Restrict the intake of sweets including sugar, barfi, gulab jamuns, ras gullas, pastries, cakes etc. -Take fresh lime instead of cokes and sodas. -Drink plenty of water (10 to 12 glasses per day). -Work out an exercise routine for 20 minutes to begin with and then gradually increase the intensity and duration. This is very important as exercises can help you achieve balance between calories consumed and those utilised for daily activity.


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