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Diet for obesity

Q: I am 18 years old and my weight is 100 kg. I have tried nearly everything like martial arts, diets, food control etc but there is no effect on my weight which keeps increasing. My diet is: Breakfast - a cup of tea and some home made less-oil item; Lunch - salad and bread; a snack at 5.00 which is bhaji and pav and Dinner - which is non oiled items. I exercise for about 30 min in the morning and do some meditation but there is no effect. Please tell me some drug which will give me some quick results. Being obese is very frustrating as I stand out in my friends and have devloped low confidence in relationships due to this. I am obese since childhood and, to tell you a fact, I don't have a single close freind. Please suggest some drug which does not have side effects and exercise so that I can reduce about 20 kg in 2 -3 months.

A:I understand your concern and feelings. Getting worried or frustrated is not a good solution for your problem, instead it will further aggravate it. If you feel that you have tried diet and exercise relegiously and have still failed to get results, I would suggest you to see a doctor and get a complete check up. Sometimes conditions like hormonal imbalance or thyroid imbalance may be a cause for teen age obesity. In the meanwhile follow the diet plan given below : Early Morning - 1 cup tea OR coffee (avoid sugar); Breakfast - 1 glass milk OR 1 cup tea, 2 slices toast OR sandwich with vegetables such as cucumber, tomato, cabbage; paneer, green chutney etc (avoid butter, cheese or sandwich dressing) OR 1 stuffed chapati (any vegetable except potato); Lunch - 2 chapatis, 1 katori daal OR paneer, 1 katori sabzi, 1/2 katori curd OR vegetable raita (avoid aloo raita and sweet raitas), salad; Evening tea - 1 cup tea, 2 biscuits OR sprouts OR fruit (avoid banana, cheeku, grapes and mangoes); Dinner - 1 chapati, 1 katori daal OR paneer OR 2 pieces of chicken or fish, salad. Here are some dietary guidelines that will help you to lose weight and select food for your diet plan: -Include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables as salad in your diet. -Dont skip any meal. -Your dinner should be lighter than your lunch. -Avoid fatty and fried foods such as pakoras, puris, paranthas, samosas, cutlets, etc. -Restrict the intake of sweets including sugar, barfi, gulab jamuns, ras gullas, pastries, cakes etc. -Take fresh lime instead of cokes and sodas. -Drink plenty of water (10 to 12 glasses per day). -Work out an exercise routine for 20 minutes to begin with and then gradually increase the intensity and duration. This is very important as exercises can help you achieve balance between calories consumed and those utilised for daily activity.


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