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Check weight gain

Q: I am a 39 year old male weighing 112 kgs. I am on anti TB medicine for last two months now and also have a tendency to have high levels of uric acid which is presently under control. Please suggest a medicine to check weight gain.

A:I am afraid there is no simple solution and no magic pill that would make your excess weight disappear! You need to reduce your overall food intake in general and fat content in particular. This can be achieved by keeping a food diary and documenting your intake while you watch your fat intake and keep it low. You should avoid obvious fat such as milk and all things made of milk, butter, margerine, oil and fat on the meat. Avoid mince meat and have red meat only once a week. The currently available drugs are either centrally acting appetite suppressants such as phenteramine and sibutramine, which can be taken for a short time, or the one like orlistat which reduces fat absorption from the gut. From your drug history, I assume that you are hypertensive and, therefore, sibutramine would not be appropriate for you. As you can see, even these drugs are only aimed at reducing the amount of food that gets into your system; something you can do yourself by controlling your fat intake to about 50g / 24 hours, and reducing your overall intake including soft drinks.


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