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Can wrong exercises lead to severe pain?

Q: I am 23 years old and having a lot of pain in my legs from the past 8-9 months, that is just because of some wrong exercises in the gym. I had done some heavy weight lifting. I think just because of them I got so much pain. I am not able to stand for much time also. I can't drink cold water as it gives me much pain. I can't sit in an A.C. room as after that I am not able to move. I am very upset because of this. I am not finding any solution for this. Please advise.

A:8-9 months is a long time to advise you any considerations of physical therapy without a proper evaluation. The sudden loss of function in muscles or groups of muscles through damage during physical exercise is very common. The causes could be improper warm-ups. Excessive or incorrect stress and insufficient training can also play a role. An incongruity between the muscle capacity and the stress can have different effects on the locomotor system and needs a proper investigation to treat the cause and the effect. Depending on the injury, the objective of training is:

  • Regaining good mobility of joints
  • Stretch the injured connective tissue fibres of the muscles and tendons to an optimal length.
  • Increase the strength and stamina of the muscles
  • Improve coordination and proprioception (awareness of body and the environment). I suggest you go to a physiotherapist and get yourself examined and start the treatment accordingly.


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