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Can vitamin A cure weak eyesight?

Q: Sir, my eyesight has got weak and I take vitamin A capsules for the cure. Now my hair have also started falling and I think it is due to the excessive intake of vitamin A. Am I right, or else give me a plausible reason for the hair problem? The new hair that grow on my scalp are very thin and fall easily.

A:Large doses of vitamin A, more than 33,000 IU or 10 mg retinol, can cause hair to fall out. Check for the dose of the vitamin A preparation you are taking. If you are not taking so much, then the hair loss is probably from another cause and you should see a physician about it. Weak eyesight can result from severe deficiency in vitamin A. If you eat a reasonably balanced diet, vitamin deficiency is unlikely to be the cause of your weak eyesight and that too should be evaluated by a doctor.


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