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Can two diabetics get married?

Q: I am 26 years old having diabetes type 1 for the past 5 years and am taking human insulin 30/70 daily to control my sugar level. Right now my dose level is 35 units in the morning and 16 units in the evening. I don't have any complications and all reports are normal till now. I am wanting to get married and recently came in contact with a girl, aged 25 bit she too is a type 1 diabetic since 10 years. She is also on insulin and her reports are normal. My parents and hers do not suffer from diabetes but my grandmother had diabetes (type 2) after the age of 65 years. My question is whether we should get married as we both are diabetic? What are the chances of diabetes in a child who is born with both parents being diabetic? What are the complications which can occur to us and if we keep on taking good control will the chances of getting complications be reduced?

A:There is no harm in a marriage between two Type 1 diabetics. In one way its good as there will be better understanding between two individuals with same disease. Regarding offsprings getting affected- yes, there are more chances than the general population as genetics plays a role but chances are not as high as in offspring from two Type 2 diabetic patients. Before conception blood sugar has to be tightly controlled at least three months before conceiving (preconception counseling) and mother has to be evaluated for complications. Its better to go for early child before the complications set in. During pregnancy too the blood sugars has to be controlled as per the guidelines i.e. Fasting (F) <105 mg/dl & Post-prandial (PP)<120 mg/dl and HbA1C < 6.5%.


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