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Can tuberculosis affect my daughter's married life?

Q: I have a 24 years old daughter. She was diagnosed with tuberclosis at an early stage and her marriage was fixed after 3 months. Will her married life get affected because of this?

A:Diagnosis of TB in the early stage is not very clear. Since it is not mentioned, I assume you are referring to TB of the lungs, since it is the most common presentation of TB. Was a sputum AFB (acid fast bacilli) smear / culture test done? If positive, then your daughter's respiratory secretions would be infectious and she would need to take precautions till she is smear negative. However, with treatment she will be rendered non-infectious within 4-8 weeks, if the treatment is adequate ( i.e. the strain of TB is not multidrug resistant [MDR] or - extremely drug resistant [XDR]) then she would not have any problems. There may be an extremely small risk of TB affecting the fallopian tubes in females, leading to blockage and subsequent infertility, but this occurs after a prolonged period of infection that is not treated.


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