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Can thyrotoxicosis be cured completely?

Q: I am a 35 years old male suffering from hyperthyroidism. Toxic nodular goitre or thyrotoxicosis has been diagnosed. I am being treated for the last 14 months. My TSH level was < 0.001 IU/ml and now it has reached to 1.70 IU/ml. Initially for about four months, I was given beta blocker, afterwards Neomercazole. Now, my TSH level is within normal limit. Can thyrotoxicosis be cured completely?

A:Thyrotoxicosis is a broad term which means signs and symptoms due to increased thyroid hormone. One of the causes is hyperthyrodism which means that thyroid gland is producing excessive hormones. Further, the common causes of hyperthyrodism are Graves' disease, toxic nodule or toxic multinodular goiter. The treatment depends upon the cause. Graves' disease can be cured with neomercazole but other two conditions need either radioiodine treatment or surgery (multi nodular goiter). In case you are sure that your hyperthyrodism is due to toxic goitre then neomercazole will control the disease but will not cure it. Toxic multinodular goiter can be cured with either surgery or radioiodine tretment. I would suggest you to get to know the exact diagnosis by speaking to treating physician/endocrinologist or send us all your reports including ultrasound and /or thyroid scan.


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