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Can Tb be completely eradicated?

Q: Which are the best tests to ensure the complete eradication of tuberculosis? What precautions should be taken to avoid recurrence? I am a non smoker and teetotaller for the last 25 Years. I underwent nine month treatment of AKT 4 and AKT 2.

A:Recurrence of TB may be due to either re-infection or reactivation. The rate of reactivation of latent TB is variable, but may range from 5 to 15% (as per the results of some studies). This may occur when the body’s defence (immunity) mechanisms are down due to other diseases or immunosuppressive medications.

Cure in TB is generally defined by resolution of symptoms and signs, resolution of other symptoms (if present initially such as fever, weight loss, lack of appetite), fall in inflammatory markers (e.g. CRP or ESR), radiological improvement. There is no single test present currently which could be defined as a test of cure for TB.


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