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Can spotting during pregnancy be dangerous?

Q: My wife is 7 weeks pregnant. She had an ultrasound twice and the sac size was found to be growing fine from 8 mm to 13 mm. The doctor says it is alright. The problem is that she has been having regular blood spotting since her last due date for periods. The spotting is less, just about 2-4 drops a day. The doctor has told us to wait and watch as all the blood, urine and Torch test reports are normal. I want your advice on the issue that can this spotting be dangerous for the baby or mother, if yes, then what should be our course of action?

A:Spotting is not necessarily dangerous for the mother or embryo. Since the clinical and laboratory parameters are in the normal range, a wait and watch approach is appropriate. Serial ultrasound scans will confirm normalcy of pregnancy or its loss. The latter is uncommon but spotting may sometimes be a predecessor of a miscarriage.


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