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Can someone with high BP do heavy weight training?

Q: From last six months, I have high blood pressure. It used to be 100-135 & 110-140. From the last month, I am on Ayurvedic medicine which has controlled my BP & now it is normal. From last 8 months I have been working out in the gym - I do heavy exercises & use heavy weights in the gym. Please advise if it is ok for me to use heavy weights in the gym because of my BP and also of my age as I am 28. Some people say is it advisable at this age to do heavy exercises?

A:Weight training can improve cardiovascular health in several ways including lowering LDL (bad) cholesterol and increasing HDL (good) cholesterol and lowering blood pressure. Moderate weight training is safe, if your blood pressure is under control. Heavy weights should be avoided as they raise the blood pressure to unacceptable levels. It is generally safe to use light weights with many reps. Walking is the safest and simplest aerobic exercise you can do. Precautions you should take: 1) Check your blood pressure regularly. 2) See to it that you get enough rest and sleep. 3) Do not use heavy weights. Begin with a light weight program under the supervision of a physiotherapist. 4) Begin with breathing exercises, move to flexibility exercises, then strengthening exercises and lastly before finishing, relaxation exercises are a must. 5) Avoid all exercises that require severe and unaccustomed exertion. 6) Varying what exercises you do will help you because it stops you getting bored, exercises different muscle groups and reduces the risk of injury. 7) One of the main aims is to keep you exercising still later on because high blood pressure is a life long problem and you have to adopt life long changes to keep it under control. 8) Exercises, diet and rest should be the theme you should work on. 9) You may feel heavy weights might raise your blood pressure temporarily and you might get tempted to do them, but, please bear in mind, it can prove risky. 10) Aim for a target heart rate. To calculate your target, subtract your age from 220 and multiply by 0.7. Certain drugs can reduce heart rate, so check with your doctor and ask your doctor to determine your target rate for you.


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