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Can someone have swollen feet in spite of normal kidney function?

Q: My father is 72 years old and suffering from Parkinson's disease and hypertension. He has been prescribed Syndopa Plus (4 tablets a day), Inderal 40 mg (6 tablets a day), Amentral 100 mg (2 tablets a day), Acquazide 25 mg (morning) and Minipress XL 2.5 mg (Bed time). He has been taking them for the last 2 years. From the last one and a half years, he has been suffering from swelling of foot. Gradually over the last few months, the swelling has increased to a very uncomfortable level. We got his kidney function tested, which was fine. The cardiac function is also fine. We have visited so many doctors, but no one has been able to diagnose the problem. Please advise.

A:Although swelling of the feet can be caused by heart or kidney problems the condition may persist even with diuretic or other treatments. The usual problem is varicose veins and poor circulation. Leg elevation and tight stockings can help, but active massage may be needed as well. After many months or years without adequate control the problem may not be completely reversible. The situation may be worse if heavy work or strain such as caused by constipation, and these may be additional issues to address.


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